New Shirtness!

I know this is blatant commercialism, but – think of all the free tweeting you get!

I’m kidding – it’s crass, but if you like it – it exists. Now in the shops:


Rock Debate 2012

On October 16th, 2012 a debate took place between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Meanwhile, on Mars, a very different debate was talking place: Between an atomic robot, and a small rock.

The topics were wide-ranging and occasionally insane. I’m not going to lie, things got weird.

Then, In the aftermath of the debate – I collected the postings from @SarcasticRover and present them here, unedited, for your entertainment, or bizarre fascination.

A brief warning: This is not for the faint of heart. Shit got real. Feels were had.

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Radio Notes…

I just recorded a radio interview with Peter King from CBS which might air this weekend.

Thought some people might like to see the notes I wrote down to help me during the call…

How Curiosity Got A Name…

Today on the blog you (and I) are going to meet an amazing and inspirational young lady named Clara – a 15 year old student from Lenexa, Kansas who wrote an essay that won her a contest – and in doing so, she helped put a brick in the wall of history.

Clara is the person who gave the Curiosity Rover its name. She named the rover that I tell stupid jokes about – and I got to talk to her.

This is Clara Ma:

Let me just say first off – that this girl is smart and clever and endearingly charming. She is an inspiration for young girls who want to do great things, and for us older people who worry about what the hell young people are doing with their lives. I’m not even joking here – read this, and you will have a better day. Promise.

So, enjoy this interview – and I hope you find Clara as awesome as I did.

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So, much to my surprised, and earlier than I expected, we’ve crossed 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Thank you all. Very much.

I will try not to let this fame go to my head.

If anyone wants to give me money for nothing though, now’s your time.

You think I’m joking, but I’m not.



On Those Who Leave, and Those Left…

So we’ve made it two months and people still haven’t abandoned the feed.

I’m rather shocked actually.

I know I’ve neglected the blog a bit over the last couple weeks, and I’ll try to fix that as I’m back home now – however, I did have a couple thoughts to get down.

1) Thank you all. I don’t say this enough. At some point this week, @sarcasticrover will hit 100,000 followers… which is insane. That a sizeable percentage of a million people (10% to be specific) should ever read things I write is very humbling and nice.

2) I have, I think, finally come to terms with people choosing to “UN-follow”. And here’s how:

For many weeks I took unfollows somewhat seriously, in that I really did notice the numbers and worried that people “changing the channel” as it were was a reflection of my talent, choices, or just of me in general.

That was foolish, and here’s the thing. This is important.

When people stop following you – or reading, watching, whatever – you are not being rejected. I know it feels like it, but you are not. What is happening is something far, far better… you are closing in on the most perfect audience for your words.

That’s all it is. Every person that stops following for some reason or another is rewarding you by refining your audience down to people so perfectly tuned to your voice and vibe that they have not stopped reading your words.

And that’s fantastic.

Every time some person bails on your art because they don’t like it, or don’t get it – if they disagree, or were just watching for the wrong reason? They do you the kindness of distilling your market for you.

And what’s left – the 100,000 people who have stuck with me, or just joined up? Those are the only people worthy of my consideration. And they’re amazing.

So thanks to them, and to those who ditched and dumped and walked away.

You’re all nothing but positivity.

Do your thing, please.



People seemed to like the panorama last night, and I’m a sucker for making strangers happy. So here’s another one.

As always, if you hate it, keep it to yourself on account of my not caring and all.

Big file warning, click to see it in full. Save at will.



So I made this for you, because I’m that nice and shut up about it already.

Click to go to the full sized image… Warning though – it’s a big file…