Yelling Into A Pillow…

This is a post wherein I rant about climate change and hurricanes and people who anger me.

You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. Though that goes for everything here of course.

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I’ll just post this here and it can be ignored, since posting on the feed would be a bit out of character and attract a fair bit of trolling, especially given that today is the day after Hurricane Sandy but here’s the thing…

Climate change is real, and humans are having a very large effect on it.

I’m sorry, but it’s just true, and it f–king baffles me to no end that this is somehow a radical idea to some people (mostly Americans).

In fact, this is such a crazy idea that I can’t even talk about it in the guise of a sarcastic science robot built by NASA, because somehow that pisses people off. Think about that. It pisses off people who like reading about NASA projects. They’re supposed to be on science’s side, and yet even some of them have been deluded into thinking that climate change is either not happening, or is just a natural thing.

It’s just not natural and it is happening, I’m sorry.

A study by the National Academy of Sciences in 2009 found that 82% of ALL SCIENTISTS SURVEYED and fully 97% OF CLIMATE SCIENTISTS believe that climate change is real and that humanity is partially at cause.

That’s not just consensus – that’s overwhelming, land-sliding fact. It just is.

People on the feed – just men, actually – raised a couple points about climate change when I mentioned it and I can’t respond there because I don’t want to give them the satisfaction, so I’ll do it here:


Except, yes there is. Sandy is the biggest storm ever recorded North of North Carolina – it was huge and massive and had super low-pressure. And while no one of course can say “Climate change caused this hurricane” (just as no one can say “climate change DIDN’T cause this hurricane”), what we absolutely CAN say is that climate change (which, remember, scientists have pretty much all agreed is partly caused by human activity) that climate change INCREASES THE ODDS of giant destructive storms to a very large degree.

That’s how this shit goes down. That’s how climate change works – we are stacking the deck, and we’re stacking it in favor of less predictable, more unstable, less hospitable weather. That’s what’s happening and if you can’t see that, you’re out of your mind. I’m sorry.

Here’s a very good and balanced article about this which you should pretend to read. LINK!


Well, I’m sorry, when the f–k is that right time? When everything’s just calm and pleasant?

This is the perfect time, it’s the time when you can point and say,” There, see? This is the kind of shit that will keep happening!” This is the moment right after you discovered that your house has been broken into when you should totally talk about maybe locking your door and getting an alarm system. You don’t not talk about stuff just because it’s suddenly completely relevant.

And for those several people who replied to me stating that they believed in climate change, but didn’t believe that humans caused it. You’re wrong. We are contributing and we need to do something. We need to stop being whiny babies about this shit and just deal with it.

Yes, fixing climate change will be very hard and it will hurt economies and it will make life rough… but the alternative is everyone dead and the world left a very shitty place. This is the grown up part of life. Sometimes you just have to clean up your messes. We don’t have to pretend it’s fun and lovely and all harmony and hugs, but seriously – why can’t people just look at this the way they did World War II? This is a hardship, a problem that must be overcome, and it’s no use whining about who did what and who should pay and why me and boo hoo… it just has to be done. So suck it up, princess.

It baffles me – to no end – that people will stand around and demand military action for all sorts of things, but when something actually threatens the entire world – it requires further study, or we don’t know enough, or blah blah blah. It’s nonsense. It’s the childish response of people unwilling to just roll up their sleeves and do what needs doing.

So… I’m sorry if my views are an inconvenience, or if sharing them is in some offensive to people who disagree. But guess what? I’ve got the mic. I have the platform, and I’m not going to respond to people who disagree with me because that would legitimize them, and I’m not about to share my stage with some asshat who thinks he deserves to have his opinion heard in my hall. They don’t. It’s my house, I built it, and they can suck it.

Science exists for a reason – to take all the belief and uncertainty and guessing out of stuff like this. Scientists have a theory, they test it, gather data, and then they all look at it and say, “YES – THIS DATA SHOWS THIS” or “NO – THIS DATA DOESN’T SHOW THIS” or “I DON’T KNOW”… and right now 97% of scientists looking at the data are saying…


And the result of that influence is a storm like Sandy. So we need to either choose, more people dying or do we just get down to work and try to mitigate this nonsense?

That’s not left wing or right wing, it’s not liberal or conservative… it’s just a thing that has to get done so everyone quit bitching and let’s do it.

And get off my back when I say things you don’t like because I then have to come here and rant for a thousand words.

And people hate that.



4 thoughts on “Yelling Into A Pillow…

  1. 7dlh7 says:

    You rant all you want, JF. You’re always interesting and always document your shit like any good scientist!

  2. Layla says:

    I think that yes, climate change definitely needs to be addressed, but society puts too much of a narrow emphasis on finding technological solutions to reduce GHG emissions, which IMHO is not going to do much. And the political solutions also haven’t really been working.

    We need some “systemic change” – society needs to make deeper changes, like stop worshipping bigger more expensive disposable things, and stop thinking there will be one silver-bullet solution.

    Technology can only do so much. Politics is dependent on what makes them look best to the voters, so it also can only do so much. People need to grow up with the idea that you don’t need a million toys, hand-me-down clothes can be perfectly good, and experiences are better than things.

  3. John Palmer says:

    or put it another way…
    If we DON’T fix climate change,
    Some day, in the future an alien race will be sending a little robotic rover to Earth looking for life that might have one day been here

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