How @SarcasticRover Began…

On the night of Aug. 5th, 2012 the Mars Rover Curiosity landed on the red planet, and I started a fake Twitter account as a place to put some crappy space-jokes.

In the following Tweet-list from my personal account  you can see the evolution of a boring guy watching the Mars landing into a sarcastic twitter account that is a thing sometimes.

So if you ever wondered how it all began… This is the official record:

 (Please note – these are from my personal account, which you SHOULD NOT FOLLOW. Seriously. You won’t like it – I say weird things and swear and have opinions. Just don’t. It’s for the best.)

Click through to read on.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

I’m in my house, on the Twitter machine, watching the television machine…

  1. jfiliatrault
    Historically, Mars landing success odds are only 1/3. So get ready for a crash everyone!
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 21:06:46
  2. The night began simply enough. I was getting ready to watch the Curiosity landing on Mars… because I’m a giant nerd.
  3. jfiliatrault
    Just so everyone’s clear – we’re landing a giant nuclear-powered robot on a planet over 100,000,000 km away.
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 21:16:12
  4. Clearly I was very excited and happy about the whole event.
  5. jfiliatrault
    Speaking of “7 minutes of terror”, did anyone else lose their virginity to a clown? #MarsLanding
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 21:47:13
  6. Awkward… For clowns.
  7. NASA
    #MSL: We’re within 30 mins of landing @MarsCuriosity on the red planet. Are you watching? It’s streamed live: #MSL
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 22:04:45
  8. I was clearly very excited and retweeting NASA things. Also definitely following the real @MarsCuriosity by now. The seeds of anthropomorphized robots were well in the air!
  9. jfiliatrault
    Touchdown! #nasa
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 22:33:43
  10. What you can’t see here is me crying and eating grapes. Those two commonly go together – both for happy and sad reasons.
  11. jfiliatrault
    So many unclenched assholes in that control room right now! #NASA
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 22:36:19
  12. The jokes start to come now that I’m not so full of nerd-anticipation.
  13. jfiliatrault
    Mars Rover… not just a dog that I accidentally killed by tying it to a rocket when I was 8 years old anymore!
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 23:23:09
  14. Bit dark… but shows promise.
  15. jfiliatrault
    “Curiosity Landing”… not just what I yelled out while trying to have intercourse for the first time.
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 23:26:22
  16. Uncomfortable for everyone, though probably true.
  17. jfiliatrault
    Watching nerds high-five is always the MOST awkward thing ever… C’mon, guys! It’s not rocket science!
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 23:31:23
  18. I’m sorry. I love them all, but there was some shoddy hand slapping going on there. I assume it was just the excitement.
  19. jfiliatrault
    Curiosity Rover cost the American people $7 per person? Don’t they now how much beer and racism that could have bought?
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 23:40:55
  20. I’m joking here, of course. I know that not ALL Americans drink beer.
  21. jfiliatrault
    Are we not concerned about putting nuclear technology in the hands of the Martians? Has no one seen 50’s sci-fi?
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 23:47:08
  22. This could easily be a SarcasticRover joke… but it doesn’t exist yet.
  23. jfiliatrault
    How embarrassing would it be if we were in the only handicapped parking space on Mars… amiright?
    Mon, Aug 06 2012 00:23:51
  24. And this one too! If only I had some other Twitter account in which to put all these stupid Mars jokes.
  25. jfiliatrault
    First thing @MarsCuriosity did when it landed was complain about the movies they played during the flight.
    Mon, Aug 06 2012 00:32:17
  26. Oh wait! There’s an account where the Mars Rover talks about what it’s thinking! I wonder if I made an account where the rover could tell jokes if that would work at all…
  27. SarcasticRover
    Great… 100,000,000 miles and I’m stuck in a damn crater. Awesome.
    Mon, Aug 06 2012 01:07:29
  28. The very first @SarcasticRover tweet. Pretty sure no one will notice this at all.
  29. jfiliatrault
    Started fake twitter account… it has more followers than me after only 20 minutes. lame.
    Mon, Aug 06 2012 01:48:12
  30. Proven wrong immediately.

4 thoughts on “How @SarcasticRover Began…

  1. Revie says:

    Easily the bestest Twitter account that I follow.

  2. You still haven’t answered the big question. Do you use MarsEdit for the blog?

  3. fireandair says:

    I’m trying to remember how I first heard of @SarcasticRover, and I can’t recall. How weird. It’s like it’s always been there. *spooky orchestra hit*

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