Search Terms of Endearment…

It’s Thursday, I’m baking muffins, let’s blog!

One of the nice things about WordPress is that it lets me see the search terms people type into Google which lead them to my site. Basically, if you type “Sarcastic Rover Blog” into Google and it shows you this site and you come here, I get to know about it (though not about you).

So I thought it might be cool to look at some of the stranger search terms that have somehow led people here and maybe answer them or mock them. Also – if any of these were from you, I apologize.

Fun right? Read on…

SEARCH TERM: “who is sarcastic rover“: Easy one. Sarcastic Rover is a robot on Mars, powered by an atomic battery who is awesome. Next question.

SEARCH TERM:why didn’t they bring any plants to mars?” Again, totes easy. They didn’t bring any plants because of customs and import laws. And because they’d die. Also, they didn’t want to contaminate Mars with our stupid lame biology.

SEARCH TERM:why does sarcastic rover say let’s do a science” I think the real question is, WHY DOESN’T EVERYBODY SAY THAT? Seriously. I’ve never invented a catch phrase before, but people should use it lots. Also, I answer this one in the FAQ.

SEARCH TERM: “best of sarcastic rover” It’s ALL THE BEST. Don’t you get that? All of it.

SEARCH TERM: “mars rover track looks like a penis” Grow up people. It’s called a dink.

SEARCH TERM: “three things mars smells like” Easy one… and creepy. Pennies, nacho cheese, and English Leather.

SEARCH TERM: “ways to die on mars” Just show up. It’ll happen.

SEARCH TERM: “whoop fricken mars” See, what they’ve done here is they were searching for the old Tag Team song “Whoop There It Is” and it got away from them. Easy mistake to make.

SEARCH TERM: “sarcastic pictures about germans” Aren’t ALL pictures of Germans a little sarcastic? Anyhow, happy it led someone to me for some stupid reason.

SEARCH TERM: “latest from sarcastic rover” Okay, if you want “the latest” TRY FOLLOWING THE TWITTER. Also, congrats on getting a computer.

SEARCH TERM: “where did “let’s do a science” come from?” The very first time I wrote “do a science” was August 6, 2012. It was right here:

And that’s it for now. Not as hilarious as I expected going in, but that’s really more your fault for not finding more humorous search terms to get here by. So work harder and maybe in a few months I’ll try this again.

Good luck people!



2 thoughts on “Search Terms of Endearment…

  1. PrincessThumb22 says:

    Whoop There It Is…awesome.

  2. RandomNerd says:

    “sarcastic pictures about germans” – I guess that’s my fault :/ LASST UNS EINE WISSENSCHAFT TUN! 😀 (you may use Google Translate)

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