On Those Who Leave, and Those Left…

So we’ve made it two months and people still haven’t abandoned the feed.

I’m rather shocked actually.

I know I’ve neglected the blog a bit over the last couple weeks, and I’ll try to fix that as I’m back home now – however, I did have a couple thoughts to get down.

1) Thank you all. I don’t say this enough. At some point this week, @sarcasticrover will hit 100,000 followers… which is insane. That a sizeable percentage of a million people (10% to be specific) should ever read things I write is very humbling and nice.

2) I have, I think, finally come to terms with people choosing to “UN-follow”. And here’s how:

For many weeks I took unfollows somewhat seriously, in that I really did notice the numbers and worried that people “changing the channel” as it were was a reflection of my talent, choices, or just of me in general.

That was foolish, and here’s the thing. This is important.

When people stop following you – or reading, watching, whatever – you are not being rejected. I know it feels like it, but you are not. What is happening is something far, far better… you are closing in on the most perfect audience for your words.

That’s all it is. Every person that stops following for some reason or another is rewarding you by refining your audience down to people so perfectly tuned to your voice and vibe that they have not stopped reading your words.

And that’s fantastic.

Every time some person bails on your art because they don’t like it, or don’t get it – if they disagree, or were just watching for the wrong reason? They do you the kindness of distilling your market for you.

And what’s left – the 100,000 people who have stuck with me, or just joined up? Those are the only people worthy of my consideration. And they’re amazing.

So thanks to them, and to those who ditched and dumped and walked away.

You’re all nothing but positivity.

Do your thing, please.



7 thoughts on “On Those Who Leave, and Those Left…

  1. annabelle says:

    a number to congrats 😀 a thought so humble and insightful! i’m still here and keep introducing you and your sarcasm to my friends in HK. Welcome back! (do you found another piece of the earring on Mars? i bet that they should come in pairs!)

  2. I only follow two consistently funny feeds on Twitter. You. Jerry Seinfeld. And he’s only funny when going for coffee.

    • I’m a surly unhumorous asshole when I go for coffee, so I suppose between the both of us you’re covered.

      Thank you, truly.

      • RandomNerd says:

        Even though I don’t even have a Twitter account, your page is one of my starting pages of my browser.
        I really hope you keep on twittering until you die a harrowing death alone on a distant and cold planet.
        PS: “yestersol”, “marsquake” and “rovering” should become real words (also “Let’s do a science.” should become an actual idiom).

  3. auronessss says:

    I thought you were going to be an internet fad, and disappear after a few weeks. I am really happy to see you are going strong and getting more popular. I find your tweets to be more entertaining, funnier, and most importantly, more educational than many ‘professional’ tweeters. Anything that makes science fun is a good thing. It’s just a shame you are millions of miles away, and can’t do the talk show circuit.

  4. Colin or cdsmitty says:

    I love these emails, posts, tweets, or what have you!! I look forward to them being in my inbox to read and laugh, and most importantly learn something new!!!! Thank you!!!

  5. beth9133 says:

    I’ve been with you since about the first couple of thousand followers, and like wine, you’ve grown finer with age. Well, as fine as wine can in two months time…

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