Out Of the Office…

Just a heads up for the curious or whoever:

From Sept. 25th to Oct.6th 2012, I will be bumming around Northern California and thus tweeting and posting a fair bit less than usual.

My hope is you will all stick around through the absence, but if not, I know how it goes.

Rest assured, I and @SarcasticRover will try our level best to keep posting and to try and remain moderately entertaining as we do so.

If I never come back, tell NASA that I died how I lived… pretending to be a robot and breathing only carbon-dioxide and freedom.

Stay swell.



3 thoughts on “Out Of the Office…

  1. Jennifer Ray says:

    Nooooooo I won’t be able to LIVE without you!! (Okay, yes I will, but you’ll be missed. Have fun!)

  2. annabelle says:

    i’m sure you and the rover need some rest! will stick around >:) seeya

  3. kinny09 says:

    you will be missed!

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