More Things I’ve Learned on Twitter…

In addition to learning that people like mistakes and everyone’s nice, I have since learned that you cannot respond to critics… at all, ever.

It’s weird that people feel like tweeting their criticism to you regardless, but you cannot engage. Lesson learned – it’s a spiral of doom.

Just like life, not everyone is going to like you – in fact, most people in the world will never know you exist, and of those that do – most will not like you particularly well. And that’s just fine.

What matters, it seems, is to just keep doing – don’t second guess, don’t worry, or else there’s no point and you might as well go be in an office having some douche named Chad tell you that your data-entry skills are lacking or that your choice of socks is a bit rebellious for the company. Forget that noise.

If you want to say something – even if it’s just a stupid joke about a robot – you have got to say that shit fearlessly. BE NOT AFRAID of the consequences of your art, opinions, or dreams – because to do any of those under a shadow will darken them regardless.

So stick that on a tumblr and jog on.


One thought on “More Things I’ve Learned on Twitter…

  1. Barnesm says:

    Love the sacasticrover, please just keep doing it.

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