Selling Out!

After about the third day of this roller-coaster I started getting requests from people on the feed asking for “Let’s Do A Science” or “SarcasticRover” t-shirts and such – basically trying to give me money to wear things about a stupid joke account I made… which is ridiculous.

That all said, I have now caved to pressure and set up a small merchandise store online at – and the reason is this… @mandystobo, or in other words, Mandy Stobo – the artist.

Mandy is a brilliant artist and very good friend here in Calgary, and she painted some amazing good pictures of the rover, and the official “Let’s Do A Science” logo that I use on the Twitter feed. And once I saw that painting, I knew there was at least something decent and not cynically shitty that we could put on a t-shirt and let people wear.

So let me be clear – the profit on these types of internet shirt-mills is slim, and while you do end up spending money – at least you can rest assured that I am not getting rich off some stupid Twitter account.

So if you like the shirt, or the mugs or whatever else we get asked to put in there – then feel free to get one, and if you don’t that’s cool. They’re just there, and we don’t need to talk about them.

Here’s a picture of one – and you should also go check out Mandy’s art… because she’s the only reason you get any shirts at all.

Link to the store is HERE, or click the pic below…


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