Do Your Ideas (or how it all began)

I’m writing this about one week and a bit after both the landing of Curiosity on Mars, and the creation of @sarcasticrover. And it’s been a very odd week.

The Twitter account began after a couple of interesting thoughts – first of which was how excited and thrilled I was by the EDL of Curiosity that night, and also by the notion of that poor rover cooped up for all those months – and what it must be thinking now that it’s been left alone on a strange world.

Combined together, those two ideas – excitement, and a sentient / lonely robot – gave rise to the idea of a Twitter feed, written from the rover’s point of view – but with his bitter, manic, and sarcastic persona unleashed. I thought it should be called “sarcasticrover”.

Now – usually I have these ideas about twice a week – and usually I don’t do anything about them. This time I did something and, given the sheer amount of easy and interesting jokes the concept inspired, the something I did was a lot of something. Probably a good 150 postings in the first few days. It’s pretty sad.

All that aside – this also caught me at a time between gigs where I had some time to invest in this – and I’m very glad I did. A week later I’m posting my stupid thoughts to 75,000 people – only a few of whom think I’m a talentless asshole… so that’s nice.

Basically, I think the lesson out of that first day is – if you have an idea for something, you might as well do it. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t go well and you are mocked – best case you wind up quoted in TIME Magazine and people say nice things about you. Either way, you’re not going to die.

Do your ideas, do them hard and often. Before someone else does them for you.





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